How make money -Read a damn book

woman in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on black wooden chair

Do you know why you are economically poor and broke? Because you are afraid to start. You don’t want to spend 14 hours a day working, or spend 3 hours a day reading a damn book because you think it’s useless, but you stay 10 hours in front of Netlfix to think how much your … Read moreHow make money -Read a damn book

Stock investments for February 17, 2022- Make Money Now!

Hello readers, this is a list for the possibilities that February 17 2022 will offer as part of investment in stock- day trading and swing trading. Before making any trade you have to inquire through the news and having a strategy, this is not a game, try to give the best of you and study this market. There will be … Read moreStock investments for February 17, 2022- Make Money Now!

How to Make +$500 a day -trading #1

Hi, today I’ll explain how to make a few hundred dollars a day doing day trading, first though, you should know that this is not a scam.