For my bestie.

I don’t remember how we approached each other so much. You know that life can often surprise us, many times in the negative, but it will be worth it when that day comes that will repay us, when we will understand that all suffering, all hated, all the love we’ve given will come back to us, so do me a favor and be fucking proud of yourself.

Many people say that we have to leave the past behind and forget it, but we don’t, we just have to save the best life lesson from the past, for what the future has to offer us…no matter how much emotion and feeling you may have or how much hurt you may have, life has to go on, life doesn’t stop for anybody, so if you don’t process that and understand that, you’re stuck in whatever time period, you got hurt forever, we can’t stand in the past.

“I wanna text you…just to remind you that i’m still here, but then i remember that you know i’m here, you just don’t care.”

Wherever you go, wherever you are, look up, I’ll be there with you.