The Mindset of a Trader- be a CHAMPION

When we are at the beginning, we look at the people at the top of their game….remember!

How work the (trading) brain

Our brains are built to produce certainty, we need to smells the fear in the air and know how to face it so that the only control over our brain is himself. Probably all knowledge in this world is built on the basis of facts, so even in trading we must rely on concrete facts but many times at the first losses, people leave this world because they think it is not done for them, what I want you to understand is how to control your emotions to produce security and discipline in what you do, and not the money, the latter they only serve to show off your hard work, but after years and years, not in 1 month. To face a trading loss, you have to think that you can’t do anything anymore, but you have to learn where you went wrong, but also the precise moment in which you took a certain action that led you to lose your money. Trading is a trading of your time for money, so study well before taking action. To earn money you must first lose it.

First you Learn then you remove the “L”

Become a Master in trading

You have to become a master of controlling your emotions, you have to know precisely when to sell and when to buy a stock, There are no excuses! You have to study and study 4/5 hours a day for 6-12 months and then you can say “probably this world is not for me“. Let’s assume that you become a professional trader, sooner or later you will lose some money anyway, maybe a little or a lot, what will you do? Will you say that you are not enough? Aren’t you good enough? I don’t think so …. if you earn 5k a month, and you lose 2k a month …. friend you still have 3k that you can spend … and you do it by trading, you have no boss who imposes orders on you … you have to you have to become smarter than you are now.

“Without discipline every strategy is useless”

Life is precious -Motivational

If you have six months to live, what would you do differently whit your life? (I hope you will live +1000 years but think about it it) if your life is not what you want it to be, if you’re not living the way that you want to live, if you’re not experiencing what you want to experience, if it’s not giving what you want…you’ve got to ask yourself what have i sold my soul?…..thanks.


DISCLAIMER: This is for educational and demonstration purposes only, Not a financial advice, and you should always do your own research on stocks , penny stocks and the stock market, results are not typical, Research brokers to use.

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