How to make 100$ a day -trading Futures

Futures are like stocks, which however contain all the stocks in the world, you have futures for technology, others for different products, etc…

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How to trade?

You can trade a specific stock market, every country have one, the choice is yours. You can focused on micro-macro economics to give you an indication of where the overall market is headed, every country has a specific market and every market have a specific futures:

  • SP500
  • Dow Jones
  • FTSE 500

When you trade futures, you need to trade the overall market direction and not the single stock. You can short it or buy it, you can also use price action, support or resistance ecc… For use more money you can use CFD and leverage but it is very dangerous. You need to look the graphic of market. You need to know the resistance and the support, if the price brokes the resistance it will go up. Follow me for more rules and tips and other interesting things!


REMEMBER: news the news moves the market

DISCLAIMER: This is for educational and demonstration purposes only, Not a financial advice, and you should always do your own research on stocks , penny stocks and the stock market, results are not typical, Research brokers to use.

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  1. I think that the futures are really hazardous, because nobody can to know the future, then If your name dosen’t Elon M@$k, you cannot have opportunity by the feautures

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